Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Weekly Grind

I have received hundreds of requests (maybe not quite hundreds but at least 10) to detail what these hellacious work outs are like. So here is my work out from this past Monday (www.skyfitaz.com):

Warm up consisted of prison squats with a weighted bar, side lunges and pushups (3 minutes). At the end of the warm up I am ready to cool down, but the fun is just beginning.

  1. 45 degree Incline walk (I kid you not my calves are en fuego by 45 seconds and we do this for 2 full minutes with no rest, and as I am often reminded – no holding on to the bar)
  2. Lunges with 15lbs curls (I had grabbed the 10lbs but was shamed into something a little more heavy, just like me) 2-50 sec sets with a 20 second break.
  3. Band work (take a enormous industrial strength rubber band, step on it, cross it over and pull up to your chest, then do 5 side steps in each direction for the first 50 second set, and rock back and forth for the second 50 second rep. It felt like someone was stabbing me with a dagger on my hips)
  4. Running, two minutes no breaks, I hate tread mills. My mood is often lifted when we only have one treadmill going, but today we get two, hooray.
  5. Squats with weights, then lunges with weights, 2-50 second sets with a 20 second break
  6. Jump rope, 2 minutes no breaks (I am awful at this; jumping rope surely can’t help me dunk, right?)
  7. Side crunches, 5x each side then switch for 50 seconds.
  8. Weighted Ball above the head bouncing off the wall for 50 seconds.

You repeat this three times (50 minutes total) and then you are finished for the day. I have already written about my first experience with these workouts, where I hurled half way through, and even though I am in week 3, they definitely don’t seem to be getting any easier. I feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment when I make it through, but I know at some point I am going to have to up my game, and then re-up and then re-up.

Until this week, I hadn’t changed my diet, per doctors’ orders mind you, but now I feel that I have to. There is only so far pizza, wings, and nachos can get you, so now I am onto fish, chicken, veggies and the like. If I can overcome being a baby and a whiner about food and my consumption limits, I should be alright. Last night Abby made Monk Fish, with fresh asparagus and whole wheat pasta (of course we added a little Slavo Salt for taste www.slavosalt.com) and it was so good. I feel great this morning and will be hitting the tennis courts tonight before back to Heather (trainer extraordinaire) tomorrow morning.

I think there are 3 people right now that believe I will be able to dunk a basketball at the end of this journey, Heather (my trainer), Abby (my wife), and me. Everyone else I have spoken with either tells me flat out that it’s impossible or I can see it in their eyes (this mofo is crazy). But if I am ever to look Kohen and Chloe in the eyes and preach the value of hard work, I’ll need proof to back me up. What better proof than a movie that will take top honor in the documentary category at Sundance next year.


  1. Charles,
    I am in the category of this "mofo is crazy", but I was in that category before you even started this journey. You have definitely inspired me to dunk a basketball again. I am 50-60 pounds heavier than the last time I was able to consistently dunk a basketball. So here's some moral support. Soon enough, you and I will dunk a basketball. You're still a "crazy mofo".

  2. Love the commentary you have included for each of the exercises...I can only imagine what you are thinking while on the treadmill :)

  3. wow! thats quite the workout. Keep up the good work, it will definitely pay off.

  4. Personally I would go a step further. Tomahawk a la 1988 Dominique Wilkins.