Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Away we go

I am fat. I have had a hard time admitting that for over a decade, but let’s face it the camera and mirrors don’t lie, and neither does my mother. I am one chunky monkey. My chins go 2-3 deep depending on what I am eating that week, I weez when I try to jog and by jog I mean walk at a fast pace. I am one big dude. And, that’s not ok, at least not anymore.

6 and ½ months ago I received 2 wake up calls by the names of Kohen and Chloe, my beautiful little babies (and lucky me...the wake up calls are finally sleeping through the night). Now, as 2010 has begun I have decided to get back into shape, drop 60-80 pounds, and do something I have always dreamed of doing: DUNK a basketball. My friend Elliott suggested it be DUNK? with a question mark because who knows if I will be able to do it, and appropriately enough the first question everyone asks is, ‘could you ever dunk a basketball?’ The answer depends on who you ask, but you'll have to wait for the flick to find out.

So welcome to DUNK? A Documentary that myself and David Quiroz Jr. will be shooting over the next 9-12 months. I am weighing in this morning with Dr. Sandy Garred a weight loss specialist at Arizona Center for Neurosurgery (www.arizonacns.com), and meeting my new fabulous trainer Heather Sayers Lehman of Sky Fitness (http://www.SkyFitAZ.com) who is taxed with the duty of getting my very neglected body back into shape. My main man Michael “Slavo” Stephens (http://slavosalt.com/) will take me grocery shopping and show me great ways to prepare and cook healthy food.

I will be updating the blog once a week with photos and stories about the previous week. This will be the hardest thing I have done to date in my life, but I have an amazing wife, family, friends and two little inspirations that need a healthy old man to teach them how to surf. Please email with any comments, but don’t be surprised if what you say makes it in the documentary.

See you a little lighter than before.


  1. I love it. Just go back to Alisal Elementary or Del Prado park in Pleasanton to do your dunk. I remember you could always do it on those hoops! I know you have a trainer but if you need to mix up your training check out Crossfit. Good luck buddy...Alan

  2. Charles...definitely not going to be the hardest thing you have done...you are raising twins with a beautiful wife :0) I would think handling two screaming kids would be harder than running...but I could be wrong :) P.S. Alan has a good suggestion...crossfit is a nice change and usually the workouts only last 1/2 hour or less (a big plus)....also check out P90X, I swear those videos will kick you ass!

  3. Chas - in addition to this being completely entertaining because you are an incredible writer, I am excited to follow you on this journey as I know you will be successful. As you said, you have all the motivation in the world so congrats on getting it started. Cheers!

  4. Charles - I am so excited to follow your journey! Now if I could only get you in to a Power Yoga class! :) Michelle