Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Houston, we've got a problem...

The problem is, I’m fat and not with PH. What’s worse is that even though I knew I was overweight – I thought I was in decent enough shape. The consistent message I have received in the past from opponents in my tennis matches was ‘you’re fast..... for a fat guy’ (yes some actually said that and others politely implied it). So, when I weighed in at 264 pounds, I wasn’t surprised. Having topped out at 290, this was an improvement. As scary as it is to post your weight on line for the entire world to see (my group of 30 family and friends who read this), it is even scarier to know I must travel the road ahead to lose 65-75 pounds, so that I can get above the rim. However, now is not the time for pride nor excuses, and there is no time like the present to mark my line in the sand. This leads me to my first workout. I not only marked a line in the sand, I threw up on it.

Last night I was introduced to Heather’s world http://www.SkyFitAZ.com, and it was fricking brutal. I was pushed to my breaking point and I have to go back there this Wednesday and Friday to humble myself all over again. In between her workouts (high intensity ass kickers through ten different stations) I have to jog (my running partner is one hot bitch, see above) play tennis (all you skinny dudes now have my weight to put on the losses I’ve dealt you) play hoops, do anything, just be active. To be honest, I was a little surprised by throwing up, humbled and defeated by the time I got to minute 12 of the workout, but somehow stumbled through the rest of the 50 minute affair. Abby took one look at me when I got home and giggled. She knows I have signed up for something that is wonderful for our kids but she is also elated to see me get my ass kicked and to that she owes Heather.

The truth is, if I wasn’t making DUNK? there is no way I would have finished that first workout. I know what I have always known, that I let myself go, and I have never had the work ethic to push myself to get back into shape. But by coming clean, I know every person that I see who asks me how DUNK? is going, will expect me to see it through, and that is exactly what I need. So, if you see me with a cheeseburger, please throw some stink eye my direction.

During the workout Heather asked me some questions about my feelings towards myself and my current frame of mind, to which I replied “I used to be a great athlete....I could do this and that.......I can’t believe this happened.” Heather replied, “It did happen. Get over it and get positive.”

So, Fuck yeah Heather! Let’s see what this fat boy can do.


  1. Keep it up-Chuck!!......get it? Congrats on getting through the first round. It will only get easier from here.

  2. Once a great athlete, always a great athlete. First weeks are killer, keep it up.