Monday, September 19, 2011

Weight and Weight

There is the weight I am trying to lose, the weight that I have to lose in order to propel myself far enough off the ground in order to dunk a basketball at 10 feet. And, right now further seems forever away, but I am starting again in earnest. I am starting for the last time, and this time if I don’t do it then I don’t do it and that is it.

However, there is another weight associated with not “doing it”. And, let’s be honest for one second, the odds of me losing another 50-60 pounds, training hard enough to jump high enough to dunk aren’t that great, especially considering my past efforts. The weight of me not trying though is something that will drag me down the rest of my life. I have said all of this before, but this time it has to be different, I have to be different and most importantly I have to be diligent. I firmly believe people will come on this ride with me but I have to be willing to take them and the only way I do that is by dieting and working out.

I am 252 pounds today. Abby and I filmed this morning and took photos of me (so not pretty) but every day I am going to be accountable, and every day I am going to show up. Tonight Bernie and I will start over again and I am going to do everything he tells me to.

Kohen, Chloe and Henry, I have been lazy but I am getting to work.

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