Friday, August 26, 2011

“Guest Speakers, Work Out Sample, Chicken Pox, and Puking”

What have I been up to, besides about 247 (yes weight is up a bit, again my Achilles Heel is dieting, but I am working my way back down). Since I last blogged, the kids came down with the Chicken Pox, not one kid but all three, and I spent all Sunday and Monday throwing up from a stomach bug.

The same problems exist that always have with this production, not enough filming, not enough dieting, but still working out pretty darn hard. I feel that I am stronger than ever and Bernie and I are working on filming all of the exercises to show the 30+ people out there who read this blog religiously. To give you an idea of what I did last night, it was Shifter Core, which are my toes on a yoga ball, my arms on the shifter pad, getting both pedals to go forward, then stopping and reversing them. My core is weak, so 5 seconds into this I am pouring sweat and trembling throughout my entire body. We did slide work, where I wear booties and slide from one side to the other while turning 180 degrees during the slide. I had to do 8 sets of 3 in order to score 1 point in Bernie’s scoring system. The system goes to 100 and there are 20 exercises where you can score a maximum of 5 points in each exercise. Right now I am at 19. Yes, I have quite a way to go. I am banging out 5-6 exercises which ends up taking an hour, 3 times a week, 2-3 times climbing per week, and 1 night doing nothing. Honest point, this is what I should be doing but it is more like 2 shifting, 1 climbing right now, 4 doing nothing. I have no doubt if I followed exactly what Bernie asked of me, if I ate reasonably, I would be where I need to be. I will get there, but the road is just tougher than I expected it to be. I thought by putting this out to the public it would motivate me more, but what I have realized is that I have to take this upon myself, and only when I do that do we have a real story to tell. This is a very common story of someone who diets 2 weeks, works out hard for 3 weeks, and then gives themselves a month off only to start all over. This common story is my story, and a lot of others, but again if I can just focus for 9 straight months, I will get above the rim.

I would like to introduce you to my new friends, Frank D from the Bay Area and Sean D from Oklahoma, who found the blog through his brother Todd. Both wrote me last week and allowed me to share with you their thoughts.

FRANK D: I'm still around too. I've been sick for a while with some kind of
flu. I have been busy looking for some work too. It is getting tough,
but I have to stay on track because reinventing myself will help with
some of my goals.

I started at 320 and now I am 280. I got the eating better thing down,
except when I am stressed out I go for the good stuff like a fast food
burger. I started using juicing to get in the habit of consuming more
fruit and vegetables. I have trouble swallowing so a good fresh juice
or smoothie helps me pack in the nutrition. I've been consuming about
2000 calories a day. I pretty much eat what I want except fried food
and fast food. I am eating more food but less calories. I had the most
success when I picked out specific foods to eat for breakfast, lunch
and dinner. I did that for two weeks. From my diet I have cut out milk
and sugary drinks. Removing those two things have helped reduce my

I haven't been in the gym for more than two weeks. My goal is to get
down to between 185 and 200 pounds. I don't have a timeline, but I
need to get there quick!

- Frank

SEAN D: Ok Chuck, how's it going since your July 5th blog? we go! I'm going to meet you at the rim brother...

We haven't met but we almost know one another. I enjoy your writing, am inspired by your journey and believe now is the time for you to get off of high center. I'm Todd's brother by the way. (used your golf clubs last time I was in town, "Thanks")

I too want to find the rim one last time. I found myself 50lbs over weight, having intermittent chest pain (our father died at 45 of a heart attack) and short of breath climbing stairs. On 7/28/2011 while getting ready for a sales call in my hotel room I looked up and saw the guy I never wanted to be. At 40 with whatever that does to your metabolism simply "cutting back" hasn't done a thing.

It's go time! I've gotten two products from Todd, SLIM and CARB RIGHT.(taking with every meal) Hard core cut sugar and white flour from my diet. Eating lots of eggs, tuna, grilled chicken and the like. Satisfying my enormous craving for bread with "Flatout" wheat wraps. Throw a little cheese and meat on one and toast it and it's really good. Wrap it around and meat and veggies and it totally satisfying.

I'm attaching this photo as accountability. It's in the bathroom mirror from the above mentioned hotel room...

I will be in Scottsdale the first week of November and would like to get together then.

I have dropped 18 pounds in 24 days and hope to continue this unrealistic pace for just a bit longer. Starting the elliptical machine this week hopefully with weights to follow soon.

Meet you at the rim!

The reason I bring these two into this blog at this time is that every time I feel like completely quitting, someone or something always brings me back in. I have not lived up to my end of the bargain and even though I am no longer close to 300 pounds I feel like I am still 300 pounds worth of effort away from completing this monstrous task. Can I do it?

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