Friday, November 5, 2010

“No more excuses, I hope”

It seems I am always waiting for myself to get my act together, which drives my wife up the wall. When I first started kicking around the idea for Dunk, there wasn’t one person who didn’t absolutely love the idea of what Dunk was about. Granted most of the people who loved the idea, in fact loved me as well, (as they were all family and friends). But honestly, not one person didn’t love the idea of a documentary about a husband and father, getting back in shape, in pursuit of one amazing athletic accomplishment, dunking a basketball.

How many 270 pound portly men do you know that get sponsored by Converse(in the form of free gear) and have Esquire Magazine lined up to do a piece on them, not a heck of a lot. In fact the only portly white dude that was doing better than me in the beginning of 2010 was Kevin Smith. Ok, there are probably a lot more, but I really like Kevin Smith, and he is my only famous follower. Everything had fallen into place and all I had to do was lose 70+ pounds and dunk a basketball.

Obviously I didn’t do it, but I am still hoping I will. My entire life has been easier than most. I am not saying that my life is hard now, but I am saying it is a heck of a lot busier than it ever was with the arrival Henry Lyle, born 10-12, and starting a great new job. Abby and I have 3 kiddos, one four weeks old and the other two closing in on 18 months, which means I have to commit myself more than ever.

When we first started the documentary we had one amazing trainer (Heather at two different camera men, one director, a production schedule, and two fine women lined up as producers. Now we have two camera people (Abby and I) with one Flip recorder and two other camera’s on my Droid X and her Iphone. Essentially, all we have is man power and yet to be seen determination.

I would quit, honestly I would, and I am sure there are people out there who think it would be much easier to quit when you don’t have a gym to go to, you don’t have a trainer and nutritionist guiding you, and you really don’t have any extra time. But I owe this to myself. I can hit the pavement and I know enough to lose the weight. Common sense says I should have probably never ordered anything with extra cheese. So, I am going to work out at night when I am super tired and just want to sleep, I am going to eat right, and I am going to spend every second I can get with my wife and kids. In this year Abby and I will spend more money than we ever have, and a tiny fraction of it will go to either her or me. Evidently that is how this parenting thing works, or at least that is what my mom keeps telling me.

Ps-Welcome to the world Henry, I am so excited to see what you are all about.

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