Friday, April 29, 2011

244 and a Guest Speaker

I am down to 244, not a lot of weight lost, but enough to keep my spirits high and me moving forward. I peaked last year at 238, so the fact that I am only six pounds away gets me pretty pumped up. I have not been able to train with Bernie or the Shifter team for almost two weeks though, which I don’t like, but I am trying to focus on eating better. I am not eating great yet, but definitely going in the right direction. Working out at home, climbing the local mountains, lifting Kohen, it all helps.

I will be out of town next week for work which will also be a good test of dedication to the diet and working out. Currently when I am not able to rock climb or train with the shifter team, I am supposed to hike, run, play tennis or basketball (anything to test the stability of my weak ankle) and do pushups. However, not normal pushups you think of. These are pushups with my toes on top of a yoga ball, which is crazy hard. When I first started two weeks ago, I could do three sets of ten normal military style pushups. Then I moved to the yoga ball and I could do three sets of three. That was it, and by the end of the third set I was shaking and dripping sweat. Now, I can do three sets of ten before I absolutely feel like my arms will fall off.

I need to be climbing five nights a week and I am currently speaking with a couple different climbing gyms throughout the valley to be part of the production in exchange for a discounted rate. When you have no money to put into your project, you have to bring people into the fold. And this is exactly what I have done or what I am attempting to do. Everyone on the project right now (Bernie Darcy and the Shifter Team, Mike Notrica-Camera Guy, Jeff Maynick-Web, IT, and Video Editor) are all working for free. If we make it into the film festivals and some production company wants to purchase the true, yet funny, heart-warming story of how a father of three re-dedicated his life to fitness and health while slamming home a basketball happens, then everyone will get some dough. Until then we are all on this ride together.

Speaking of the ride and or journey, the next blog will be from a former athlete, who found the article in Esquire (here just in case you missed it Esquire Piece) wrote me, and we have now started a friendship. This is the first person to contact me whom I have never known and is not connected to my circle at all. If we can just get a million more people like him, production companies will be knocking down the door and Abby will finally be able to pay someone to color her hair instead of her having to do it on her own.

I will also send a couple of updates next week from Wisconsin, home of the cheese curd and boots filled with beer. Lord help me.

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