Monday, June 14, 2010


Yes it has gotten to that point in the filming that I am just flat out tired. I started at 272 pounds, got down to 239, and am now hovering at 245. Why the weight gain? I could give you any number of excuses, like I got sick (which I did), I am stressed and over eating (which I am, moving into a new house, renting out old place) or we can just continue our honesty streak and call it like it is. I am not a hard worker. Now, before my boss reads this and fires me, let me just say I know how to work hard, I just struggle doing it 17 hours a day, 7 day a week.

The problem with DUNK, isn't the concept, isn't the filming, isn't the crew, it's me. When I think about DUNK, all I think about is how much time I have until we are done. Let me rephrase that, when I think about DUNK all I think about is that I really don't have to work hard until I am in August because then we will be 4 months from finishing, and if I lost 10 pounds a month then I would reach my goal, yada, yada, yada. I am easily distracted and can continually convince myself that the easier road is the better.

What I am learning in this process, this self actualization, is that easier is not better. Every time I look at these little kids (they are getting so big now, my Chloe and Kohen) I realize that easier is not better, and if my children learn this from me it will start them off on a path of their choosing when the time is right (after Abby has safely navigated them through toddler, kid, teenager and young adult stages). I need to be pro-active, but I am just struggling to get there.

I thought that maybe, with your help readers, we could come up with a plan to see me through to the finish line. I don't know if you have any tips or suggestions, but I am open to all of them. I started this week out on the right foot, with a 5:30am work out. At the very least I am going to start checking in with you all weekly and let you know how many times I worked out, and what kind of food I have been eating.

This is no longer just my journey, but an invitation for you all to come along with me to a healthier life. Let's community this thing and see what we can do together. Heather ( is going to add to this blog today and chime in as we move forward. Who else is in?


Turning a Hare into a Tortoise

Oh, the sprint has lost it's luster. In my brief interviews with the camera (which better make the film), I have always said that this is a big picture adventure. This is not a shiny ball/ADD/dunk in my Converse outfit and get fat money for it type of adventure. There is not enough raw enthusiasm to woo-hoo yourself through moving, sleepless babies, illness, job stress and the realization that waking up at 5 a.m. to workout can really suck. Do not underestimate the pull of fluffy pillows and a good thread count. My thoughts for Charles and most of my clients and friends revolve around riding the wave. Life does not have a consistent upward trajectory. It is and will always be up and down. You have to adjust your expectations of yourself accordingly.

Supermom who is excelling at work, potty training her 18 month old, sizzling with her size 4 figure, volunteering for multiple charities, getting the kids to various practices, keeping up her important friendships, sexing up her husband five days a week and providing healthy and delicious hot meals for her smiling family is either getting ready to have a nervous breakdown or on meth. Most likely, she is a figment of our imagination. Life happens and balls get dropped all of the time. Does Charles need to miss a couple of workouts because the house needs to be ready for home inspection #2? Probably. Does he need to have takeout when he and Abby are far too exhausted to hit Safeway, cook dinner and clean up? Yes. There are choices that have to be made every day that don't coincide with our long-term goals.

The point (and you're hoping there is one)? Relax about it. When you are inundated and exhausted it is not the time to flog yourself for being such a lazy slug. It is the time to acknowledge that things are rough but you are going to make two good choices tomorrow that will help you take care of yourself. If you need to skip your workout, make sure you cut your calories a bit. If you need to get takeout, make sure it is a healthier choice. Take pride in the achievements rather than blistering yourself for your failures. Positive change does not come from negative motivation. You can't guilt or shame yourself into taking care of yourself. Feel good about yourself and keep thinking of yourself as a priority in your life. The finish line is an illusion. Sure Charles wants to dunk a basketball. More than that he wants to be a healthy role model. Seeing the value of taking care of himself is the bottom line. It will help you peel yourself out of the high thread count.

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  1. I'm in! Perhaps one tip - just to add to your ever-growing to do list! If you can carve out some time for a book, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle is one of the best books I've ever read. It's all about living in the moment, HOW to live in the moment, what it means to live in the moment, and how to break the destructive habit of making ourselves big balls of anxiety and stress that make life far harder than it needs to be. It's about how not to get stuck in the past we no longer have any power to change, and how not to live in fear of future that actually has no bearing on the present moment, with the unintended consequence of totally missing out on the perfection and peace of each and every present moment. It sounds a bit like you're piling significant pressure on yourself (which is totally understandable), which might be causing you to feel so daunted by the task at hand that it's squashing some of your motivation and patience.

    What this book reminded me is that we are actually only capable of taking life moment by moment. So we might as well. It provides excellent tools for how to stay present and grow comfortable with baby stepping through life as a means - the ONLY means, in fact - to create the life you want.

    Oh yeah. I just got self help on your ass. Oprah would be proud. Go forth and read, young man!

    You're awesome for doing this. Stay strong, you will meet your goals. Don't beat yourself up. Ever. Taking charge and making changes in the name of creating a healthy life for yourself, your kids, and those you love is a commendable, wonderful thing, only worthy of pride.

    And you can always call my Dad up to play hoops. I have the misfortune of knowing what a tough, relentless coach he is...RAMS...Oy.